Unalienable Rights


During the 70’s and 80’s there was an organization that forged communal-ism and voiced the struggle for civil-rights. The MOVE organization led by John Africa, a philosophical man able to lead a group of Philadelphians with hopes of achieving humanistic utopia of connecting as one with nature and rid the land of racism and police brutality. Also during this time talk-radio personality, Mumia Abu-Jamal, a MOVE supporter and Black Panther, covered many MOVE trials throughout his career and asked John Africa to represent him during his trial for allegedly killing a Philadelphia officer during a traffic stop involving Mumia’s brother.


Principal Cast
Lord Jamar: Mumia Abu Jamal
John Africa
Chuckie Africa

Writer/Director/Producer/Editor: Froi Cuesta
Executive Producer:
Mike Africa

Director’s Biography

From directing, producing, and editing, Froi Cuesta’s multi-tasking formula creates poignant entertainment. Close to 20 years ago Froi started his production company, Cuest Films. Soon directing videos that are considered hip-hop classics. His documentary work includes the summer basketball film, Hood Hoops and The Infamous Times/The Original 50 Cent. Froi currently servers as Director of Production for Comcast Spotlight.