Wednesday is a story about the indignity of American poverty told with poignancy, pathos and sensitivity. It follows a mother and daughter, Camille and Kris, that are recently homeless and living in their car. Kris commits a reckless act in a desperate attempt to preserve a vestige from their former life. It’s a story about how holding tightly to tradition can sustain a family in crisis.


Principal Cast
Mychala Lee
Chene Lawson

Director: Daniel Willis
Jessica D. Shields
Producers: Melina Lizette, Mariyam Mahbub
Cinematographer: Michael Dallatorre

Director’s Biography

Daniel Willis is writer/director from Chicago. His short films and television projects have screened at festivals including The HBO Short Film Competition at ABFF, The Chicago International Television Festival and The New York Television Festival. Daniel most recently directed episodes of NBC’s The Blacklist and ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and was a staff writer on the upcoming BET comedy series, Twenties.  He’s currently a story editor for the BET comedy series, Boomerang.