What Bitch?


A true story of Ketta when she is dragged to a Catholic thrift store by her mother and younger sister on a hot day in Bakersfield, CA. Ketta always felt second best in mother's eyes. When her little nephew accuses another customer of hitting him, Ketta jumps to action using this as an opportunity for her to gain approval from her mother.


Principal Cast
Catherine Lidstone
Leticia LaBelle
Vira Montes
Lupe Carranza
Connie Marie Flores
Adam Torres
Damian Zane Barajas
Aubie Torres

Director: Julian Acosta
Writer(s): Julian Acosta, Antonio Macia
Producer(s): Elli Legerski
Cinematographer: Sean Bagley

Director’s Biography

Born in Bakersfield, California. Julian is the little boy in the story, and this film was shot in his old neighborhood. His first love was music, he transitioned from playing in bedroom bands to directing music videos for Passion Pit, The Shins, and M.I.A, among others. He has been directing commercials for major brands like Samsung, Hyundai, and JBL at Ridley Scott and Associates. He probably deserved getting smacked by that old lady.