Who Are We Now


Synacure's 'WHO ARE WE NOW' features Abiodun Oyewole's of The Last Poets performing excerpts of his poem 'Who Are We Now' and Baba Donn Babatunde, also of The Last Poets, on congas. The video features the legendary uprocking dance skills of B-girl Rokafella and B-boy Kwikstep as well as dance newcomer Alanna Fernandez.


Principal Cast
Bryan Lurie (Synacure)
Abiodun Oyewole
Baba Donn Babatunde
Alanna Fernandez
Omar Villegas
Mondriana Villegas

Director: Vagabond
Cinematographer: Jeff "AK" Akers and Omar Villegas Still
Photography: Sam Lahoz
Producer: Joseph Carraha
Producer: Omar Villegas

Director’s Biography

Vagabond is a writer, artist and filmmaker. His feature MACHETERO, about the struggle for Puerto Rican independence, won awards in South Africa, Wales, England, Thailand, Ireland and New York. He's a contributor to Octavia's Brood: Science Fiction Stories From Social Justice Movements. He’s currently producing and directing two documentaries, 'HARLEM'S LAST POET', on Abiodun Oyewlole of The Last Poets and 'ALL ROADS LEAD TO THE FIRE ESCAPE' on original Nuyorican Poet Jesus Papoleto Melendez.