Urbanworld Opportunity

Please support the Urbanworld Foundation with a tax-deductible contribution that enables our organization’s year-round support of content creators through events and programming. Urbanworld thrives on inclusiveness and collaboration, as we activate our mission with passion. Help champion Urbanworld's future growth and impact!

Impact Possibility

The following illustrates the various ways a contribution can support the Urbanworld Foundation at select levels.  

  • $100 will support the distribution of Urbanworld’s newsletter and social media activations, which share updates on industry initiatives benefiting content creators.

  • $250 will provide a financial stipend to an Urbanworld intern supporting the festival who is seeking experience in a festival environment and proximity to the media and entertainment industry.

  • $500 will provide funding to promote collaborative events and activities with Urbanworld partners during the year.

  • $1000 will expand Urbanworld’s reach into international markets to engage with and support content creators from around the world.

Foundation Support

If you are affiliated with or have connection to a foundation that grants funding to nonprofits, and would like to discuss whether Urbanworld fits the criteria for support, please email info@urbanworld.org.

#Gratuity Included

Just like Urbanworld’s filmmaking community, our supporters become family, and we treat family well!  So, in the spirit of family and with the goal of expressing our gratitude, we’re excited to share some Urbanworld love with our collaborators by offering the perks below!  Yes, you’re officially an UW collaborator, as you’re now partnering with us to pursue our mission through your funding support.  Revel in the rewards!

  • Donate $100 - “Special Thanks” Shout Out by Name in Urbanworld Newsletter

  • Donate $250 - One (1) Urbanworld Commemorative T-Shirt

  • Donate $500 - Two (2) Tickets to Opening Night @ Urbanworld

  • Donate $1000 - One (1) All Access Pass to Urbanworld

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