Shantell Martin

Urbanworld champions and cultivates creativity across all mediums. Whether the artistry wields a camera, an instrument, a paintbrush, or a laptop, the commonality is imagination and vision.  Distinct lines between these areas of artistic expression become increasingly blurred…not all is black and white…but for some, it represents an extraordinary opportunity for discovery and rediscovery.
Enter Shantell Martin…a woman wise beyond her years with creativity free of limitation.  For her, black and white provides a simplicity and a calmness that doesn’t distract from what a viewer may see in her drawings, as they uncover the meaning intended for them.  Shantell creates journeys for people to take, she poses thought provoking questions, and she inspires us to imagine, as if there is no box to think outside of.

photo credit: jac benson ll

Whether she’s drawing on her hands, her clothes, a chair, a bike, or a wall, she’s encouraging us to explore the world we live in. She has mastered her craft with focus and authenticity.  From commissions for Viacom in Manhattan and Saraghina in Bed Stuy, to collaborations with Lexus during New York Fashion Week and her “Drawing on Everything” program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Shantell leaves an imprint on Gotham (and well beyond) that is, without hesitation, her own.  While she successfully makes her mark around the world, she has touched Urbanworld’s home with her magic wand…we are thrilled that she is part of our family.

Shantell Martin © 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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