OVERSTAND Presents “THE STAND” in Partnership with Urbanworld


THE STAND provides a dynamic platform for live exchange amongst Overstand's network of investors and diverse content creators. The approach is simple; relationships and resources are leveraged to connect diverse storytellers and financial partners. During THE STAND, creative teams screen a short selection and pitch their project to a panel of investors. The esteemed panel vets each project and provides feedback. The live audience observes and engages after the pitch during an intimate networking reception.  

The 2nd edition of THE STAND returns to Urbanworld with 3 promising projects, with content creators pitching to a curated roundtable of industry experts and investors. This event is invitation-only. Please reach Derrick Haynes, Strategic Advisor, Overstand for further details.  Email:

Hosted by JaSaun Buckner

Closing Remarks: Keith Clinkscales, Founder & CEO, First World Media



He Said, She Said

Directed & Produced by Faye Yuan
Synopsis: He Said, She Said is a participatory, transmedia documentary project about dating in the digital age that chronicles the daily lives of cosmopolitan couples.
Investor Panel:
Opeyemi Olukemi, POV/AmDoc
Kwasi Asare, Fighter Interactive
Brian Newman, Sub-Genre


Tria & Dan

Directed & Produced by Alva French
Synopsis: Tria and Dan is a documentary exploration of an interracial American couple’s move to France after World War II, and the impact of race relations in the U.S. on their marriage. The filmmaker will investigate how Tria, an African-American writer from Alabama, and Dan French, a white New York war veteran, fell in love.
Investor Panel:
Nichelle Sanders, Chandelier Creative
Opeyemi Olukemi, POV/AmDoc
Kay Shaw, NBPC

Franklin Amoo, EVP, Caspen Media Group



Produced by Maureen Martin
Synopsis: In this smart scripted digital series, 4 first-generation millennial girlfriends pursue their American dreams in New York City while attempting to retain their traditional African heritage and cultures. 
Investor Panel:
Opeyemi Olukemi, POV/AmDoc
Kay Shaw, NBPC
Stanley Lumax, Translation
Franklin Amoo, EVP, Caspen Media Group